Honda H'ness CB350 Cafe Racer
Honda is really getting down to business with the CB350

Honda has teased us with an image of what we think is the H’ness CB350 cafe racer, providing legitimacy to speculations about the Royal Enfield Classic 350 rival spawning different variants over time.

It might be crippled due to Honda’s decision to sell it only through the Big Wing outlets (December 2020 sales stood at 1564 units), but the H’ness CB350 is a strong product in the premium commuter segment.

Some might even go on to say that it is the best in its class, but let us just leave the argument to the fan boys, shall we? However, one thing that cannot be disputed is the fact that Honda designed the bike as a blank slate so that it can spawn multiple derivatives.

Now, the Honda H’ness CB350 cafe racer has been teased by the manufacturer and the teaser image shows us a few details about the bike.

First up, the seat is new (has a strap too), so is the tail lamp, indicators and rear mudguard. Also, the tyre Honda has chosen for the bike is different from the one seen on the CB350, while the rear suspension and exhaust are painted black.

It is evident that the manufacturer will go with a black theme for the bike, leaving chrome out of the fray, in keeping with the cafe racer’s sporty demeanour.

Honda is expected to offer a set of clip-ons, while the rider’s foot pegs might be pushed back a bit. The pillion’s foot pegs do seem to be in the same position though.

Other than these changes, and some nice new shades, the Honda H’ness CB350 cafe racer is likely to stick with the same mechanicals as the regular H’ness. Meaning, it will be powered by a 348cc motor putting out 21 HP and 30 Nm, while weighing in the region of 180 kg.

Whether Honda does something to the suspension and handling is to be seen, but there might not be a world of difference between the regular and cafe racer models. Also, the instrument cluster, headlight, switchgear and features will all likely be carried over as is.

Set to be unveiled on 16th February, the H’ness CB350 cafe racer would not be the only derivative that the premium commuter bike will spawn, for, the Japanese firm is working on a scrambler version of the bike as well.

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More variants from a solid product would be a welcome sight