The Jazz offers ease of driving and excellent dynamics

However, as practical the Honda Jazz is in terms of space (there is a lot of room at the rear), I love the way it drives, it’s easy to park and manoeuvre, the steering is light and easy to twirl and still manages to weigh up quite well once you reach triple-digit speeds, in spite of its mini MPV proportions, which lend it every bit the usability as one would expect, it drives surprisingly well. Body roll is so well contained that I enjoyed driving the Jazz on valley roads too, the tyres could offer better grip though.

With a powerful AC and lots of space, the Jazz is also very comfortable

The Jazz’s diesel engine offers exceptional fuel economy and drivability

I am a diesel head and the Jazz further made me believe in diesel. Fuel economy is staggering with a best of 21 km/l achieved on the highway. In the city, it would return close to 18 km/l while the worst was 14.24 km/l when the shoot team decided to take the car as a support vehicle, overusing the AC while standing still. The air-con works brilliantly well and it needs to, this car has a lot of glass area.

Excellent ride quality and a slick gearbox ensure a smooth ride

But as good the mileage is, the diesel engine is even better with 100 horses and almost no lag to counter. Drivability is great in the city and there is enough oomph on open roads to stretch the legs of the oil burner, the only gripe though is the sound which is on the louder side and yes, the diesel engine doesn’t rev much, you get into the habit to short shift! The clutch is light and the gearbox has short throws and a crisp shift. The suspension is a bit on the stiffer side but the ride is quite pliant for the most part.