The second Honda NX200 teaser video comes only a few days after the first one was released

Honda has released yet another teaser video of the upcoming NX200 motorcycle and the Japanese firm has been careful not to reveal too many details about the upcoming model.

The short teaser video does somewhat show the semi-fairing the small road-oriented adventure motorcycle will come with.

There will also be a tinted flyscreen and knuckle guards which house the front indicators and these help differentiate the NX200 from the Hornet 2.0.

Honda NX200 Teaser Video
It is likely to be positioned as an entry-level tourer

Other things revealed by the latest Honda NX200 teaser video include reworked (in comparison to the Hornet 2.0) rear panels, and well-padded seats that retain the split setup.

Also, the soon-to-be launched motorcycle gets new paint options and graphics, semi-adventure-oriented tyres and a different engine cowl.

However, several bits, like the LED lights, mirrors, digital instrumentation and switchgear have been carried over from the 185cc naked motorcycle, whose engine (making 17 HP and 16.1 Nm of torque) will power the NX200 too.

Honda NX200 Teaser Seat
The seats have additional cushioning for added comfort

Set to be launched on 19th August, the NX200 is likely to cost more than the naked bike on which it is based.