Honda Dream Neo Motorcycle

Honda, with expansion plans in mind has said that it will reach the farthest corners in the country with dealer and service network soon. Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India plans to add another 1000 customer touch points in the current fiscal after adding 800 last year. Out of the 1000 planned for this year, the company has already added 150 touch points in the last four months. In total, Honda now has 25% market share in the country’s two-wheeler market now, with a total of 1950 sales and service outlets. All of these achieved numbers are half as of now of the desired target by the company.

The further expansion of sales network (remaining 650) will now be sped up as various activities including paperwork and other formalities will commence faster from now on. Honda says the aim is to reach the entire country irrespective of state or region as part of the plan to reach everywhere just like their arch rival and ex-partner Hero, as this is the only way they can gain customer’s trust. Out of 100% of current dealerships, 35-40% of dealerships and service stations are in rural areas because Honda is already strong in urban markets. Still, it is yet to be decided where the total of 1000 touch points will be added.

The company has also launched a new internal corporate campaign that will focus on urban and rural population equally, as growth comes from everywhere rather than just one place in India. The dealership expansion plans is as always a welcome move but improving the quality of service and the attitude towards customers, needs to improve and expand on the positive side too. While spare part prices are sky high and not available most of the time and customer satisfaction is low, it is impossible to stay number one in the minds of the people. Honda needs to work not just on quantity but quality as well.

Honda Dream CD 110