2012 Honda City

There was a time, when the name Honda City meant the ultimate choice in the C-segment. Times change, people change and so do products. After a massive price cut of upto Rs. 66,000/- (6%), Honda India now plans to revamp its flagship car by slapping on some extra add-ons which have now become the norm in the competitive C-segment. The Honda City is said to get new features such as LED head lights, LED taillights, new grille, new front and rear bumpers, new color combination, metal alloy wheels, sunroof, Bluetooth and iPod connectivity. All this might be optional or available on the top model but will surely spice things up till the all new Honda City comes along in the later half of 2013, with a diesel motor.

The crucial question is when will this new City facelift be available. Mostly Honda is planning to launch it in October as it looks to catch on the demand during the festive season. There will be no changes to the engine or gearbox, nor will a diesel motor feature in the City anytime soon. Sales of the City have dropped by 43% over the past year after consumers choice shifted to diesel fuel due to the increase in prices of petrol. The new Civic will follow soon after the facelifted City goes on sale. Honda as usual declined the developments citing its concentration on Brio as the reason.