2015 Honda CBR300R Matte Black

The Honda CBR300R, the most awaited bike after the KTM siblings in India, is on the wish list of enthusiasts. Many performance bike launches which will happen this year and in the list is the Honda CBR300R. Rest of them as we all know includes KTM, Mahindra, TVS and Hero. The CBR300R is the most awaited because Honda officially said in a statement that it has been delayed due to certain issues worldwide. However, now Honda has resumed the process and the CBR300R has been put into production.

It all started from Australia and now it has reached the United States of America. Our friends in the States have received intimation from Honda itself through a release that the 2015 CBR300R is on its way before it snows there (sales commence in August). The CBR300R and many other models are scheduled for launch in Uncle Sam’s country as well. Most probably the next country is Asian manufacturers favourite, Thailand. After the launch in Thailand, it is likely that India will be next.

Regular Beamers will know that the CBR300R has already landed in India and testing has begun since a very long time. The CBR250R’s production is almost on the verge of halt because last month only 79 units were shipped. Call it poor demand which has caused Honda to ship minimum numbers. If priced right, which it should be or else it will be a disaster again, should see Honda finally getting some momentum in the performance motorcycle segment.

Powering the Honda CBR300R is a reworked version of the existing 250cc engine from the CBR250R that has increased stroke and now displaces 286cc from which it produces 30.4 BHP of power at 8500 RPM and 27 Nm of torque at 7250 RPM. Power is being sent via a 6-speed transmission to the rear wheel. The new engine also gets improved fuel injection system to offer crisp throttle response and torque is spread across the rev range with the help of a new exhaust system and smarter gearing. The CBR300R is also 8 kgs lighter now, courtesy of the changes to the chassis and exhaust canister. Honda has added new colours to the CBR300R for the USA and we love the matte black shade. Dear Honda, use the single-cylinder configuration to the max in terms of performance and pricing.

2015 Honda CBR300R USA

2015 Honda CBR300R HRC USA

2015 Honda CBR300R Red

2015 Honda CBR300R Black


2015 Honda CBR300R HRC Side Profile

2015 Honda CBR300R HRC