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The windscreen is adjustable but does feel a tad bit short for taller riders

Ergonomics – The ergonomics of the Honda Crosstourer X are just like any other touring bike. The handlebar is high and wide, footpegs are centre-set and the seat height is quite low and accessible. The seat is a single-piece unit and feels comfortable for both the rider and the pillion owing to the cushioning and the sheer size. Riding posture is upright and hence uber comfortable for what the bike is built for, long-distance touring. The rear grab rail is purposeful and apart from being just a grab handle, it can also be used to mount some luggage.

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The Crosstourer’s V4 powertrain gets a revised cam timing for more grunt in the lower revs

Performance – The Crosstourer X comes powered by a 1237cc V4 engine that produces 127 HP of power and 126 Nm of torque. This is the same powertrain as in the VFR1200F but is tuned for lesser power and better low and mid-range grunt. This motorcycle might not be as exhilarating or exciting as the VFR1200F but it sure is a fun, capable and practical vehicle. There is a good amount of punch from the motor and add to it the superb refinement levels, the ride is definitely enjoyable. Acceleration is very linear and the V4 powerplant redlines at around 10,000 RPM.

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The DCT automatic gearbox works like a charm

The Crosstourer X gets a standard 3-level traction control and is shaft-driven

The bike is available in both manual and automatic transmission variants and our test bike came equipped with a 6-speed DCT (automatic) gearbox. This unit is smooth and the responses are super quick. You can manually take control of things via the gear switches but you cannot hold onto a gear for a longer time as the DCT tends to upshift soon.

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High speed stability is brilliant in the Honda Crosstourer all thanks to the weight

Riding Dynamics – The Honda Crosstourer X might not boast of a sophisticated suspension setup but still, the ride quality is just great. The motorcycle takes on anything in its stride with utmost ease and also stays composed to the tarmac at all times. The front end does feel light but that’s far from annoying or being a deal breaker. At 285 kgs, the bike is sure hefty but it manages to camouflage that weight beautifully when riding on an open stretch of road. The Crosstourer X is not a proper off-roader or a corner-carver by any means but what it enjoys doing the most is munching miles. Braking setup comprises of a twin-disc setup at the front and a single disc at the rear, both with ABS and they have the initial bite and offer great stopping power.