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Garware Motors is looking to establish a joint venture in the country to manufacture bikes from Hyosung’s stable. The Pune based automaker currently sells the GT650R and ST7 by importing the bikes as CKD (complete knocked down kits) from S&T Motors in Korea. The GT650R and ST7 are than assembled at Garware Motors facility at Wai, near Satara. Now with the launch of the Kawasaki Ninja 650R at price cheaper than the Hysoung GT650R has made the company get up and take notice.

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Garware Motors is now considering local manufacturing of its superbikes. This would involve sourcing of local components to decrease the cost of the motorcycles and than passing it onto the end customer. The company has also announced its plans to bring down 6 more models by the end of 2013. This sure sound very ambitious and the company has already received 125 bookings from its 4 dealerships. Plans are concrete of increasing dealership to a total of 15 by October, 2011. A set sales target of 2000 bikes in the first year itself is highly optimistic, specially after the ‘GOOD TIMES HAVE STARTED TO ROLL.”

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[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]The only part on the Hyosung bikes to be sourced from India is the horn. The Korean horn did not comply with the regulations set by ARAI.[/box]