Hyundai Alcazar Front
Like bling? The Alcazar has plenty of it upfront

Images of the production-spec Hyundai Alcazar have surfaced online, ahead of the car’s debut set to take place 2 weeks from now.

The images show that the Alcazar will get a new radiator grille that is along the lines of the one seen on the Palisade SUV sold overseas, while the front bumper is also new, complete with a redesigned skid plate.

Hyundai has also tweaked the lighting units including the fog lamps of the popular compact SUV and along the sides, the extra length that the car has aft of the C-pillars is clearly visible. The carmaker has chucked in small glass panels for the third row to be well lit as well.

Further, the character line has been carried as is without any fuss and it connects with the redesigned split taillights that look more conventional and better than the rear lighting unit on the Hyundai Creta.

The Hyundai Alcazar images also include a completely redesigned tail section, that features a slightly larger windscreen, a big tailgate with a revised housing for the number plate above which sits a chrome applique with the model name and a new bumper.

Although these recent set of Hyundai Alcazar images do not include any interior ones, the carmaker had only yesterday released the official design sketches of the SUV, which provided us with enough details.

This new 3-row 6- or 7-seat SUV from Hyundai will take the Creta’s dashboard, will offer captain’s chairs in the second row along with a dedicated centre console in the case of the 6-seat variant, while there will be 2 adult-sized seats in the third row.

Although there will be space for some luggage even with all 3 rows of seats in place, it is expected to be quite tight.

Powertrain options the Hyundai Alcazar will come with will mirror that of the Creta and the 3-row SUV will command a premium over the 5-seat model it is based on.

Side Profile
It is a shame that the C-pillar garnish has not been included in these images
Top Angle
It will be interesting to see how much space there is for occupants in the final row
Hyundai Alcazar Rear
The tail section of the Alcazar looks much better than the Creta’s rear profile
Hyundai Alcazar Images
It will be equipped with tonnes of features from the get-go

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