Skoda Kushaq Convertible Render
Now, it would be a real stunner if Skoda actually decides to make such a model

Before Skoda launches the Kushaq in June, we have made a render of the compact SUV in convertible form and one more imagining the car as a police patrol vehicle.

First up, let us take a closer look at the convertible, shall we? Indians do like open-air experience and the number of people opting for sunroofs in their cars are proof.

Ask any Indian who knows a bit about cars and he or she would speak about their dream to own a convertible some day. Well, this Skoda Kushaq convertible render might please such people, even though it is not the real deal.

Obviously, the metal roof has been chucked and so were the B- and C-pillars. The windscreen has been made a bit shorter and has been given a bit more rake to befit a convertible.

Admittedly, making a convertible version of an SUV would negate the purpose of buying an SUV. But, in a world that loves everything SUV-shaped, there must be space for a convertible SUV as well eh? Land Rover even put its Evoque convertible on sale in India 3 years ago after all.

Up next is the Skoda Kushaq render which imagines the compact SUV as a police patrol vehicle, complete with a light bar mounted on the roof rails. We gave the car a murdered out look with some police decals and it sure does look imposing for a car of its size, which is 4.22 metres.

If at all cops in India decide to make the Kushaq a patrol vehicle, they only need to remember to opt for the 1.5-litre petrol engine and not the small 1.0-litre motor, for it will be faster and cops are supposed to think about catching offenders and not save a bit of fuel.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the 2 Skoda Kushaq renders.

Skoda Kushaq Render Police Patrol Vehicle
The production version of the compact SUV will be launched in June