Hyundai CNG Duo Trademark

Hyundai has trademarked dual cylinder CNG technology for their future cars

Hyundai currently offers CNG powertrain option for the Grand i10 Nios, Aura and Exter. All the three models come with the traditional single cylinder CNG tank in the boot. However, Hyundai has now trademarked the new twin cylinder technology for their range of CNG models.

The South Korean carmaker has filed two new trademarks, namely Hy-CNG and Hy-CNG Duo. The Hy-CNG Duo trademark suggests the fact that they’re coming up with a similar technology that Tata Motors recently introduced with their range of CNG models. It is a twin-cylinder setup that boosts the practicality of the vehicle.

One of the biggest drawbacks of CNG vehicles is the reduced boot space due to the large size of the CNG tank. To address this issue, Tata Motors introduced a new twin-cylinder CNG technology, which gives more space by offering two small sized cylinder that add up to the same capacity. In this setup, the spare wheel is positioned below the boot area, which can be accessed by lowering the wheel under the boot.

We can expect a similar setup by Hyundai for their existing range of products like Grand i10 Nios, Aura and Exter and also with the i20 and Venue. Considering the two trademarks filed, we can expect Hyundai to offer both single cylinder and twin cylinder setup options.

We believe the new CNG technology will still take a while to hit the showrooms. It is likely to be incorporated by the end of this year or early next year. The introduction of Hy-CNG Duo will boost the sales of Hyundai to a great extent and it will put a big dent on some of its rivals in terms of sales.

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Hyundai CNG Duo
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