The idea of the micro SUV is still in its evaluation phases and unveiling is at least three to four years away.

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Hyundai India recently announced that it will be introducing eight new products in the Indian market by the year 2020. Now, the company has hinted at a possibility of putting out another product which is not included in the earlier mentioned eight. This all-new vehicle will be a micro SUV which will rival the Renault Kwid that has been credited for bringing the SUV look to a small car.

The Hyundai micro SUV will be placed below the sub 4-metre Hyundai SUV which has been codenamed the QXI and is based on the Carlino concept. But the introduction of this micro SUV is still a good three to four years away. It is still in the idea stages and the car-maker has a lot of work to do before the idea finally materialises.

For starters, Hyundai will have to increase its plant capacity. Though work is already under process to increase the plant output, it is being done for the eight new products that will be coming by 2020. This means further investment and planning will be required to accommodate this micro SUV. Then comes the market demand.

Feasibility and customer demand are important factors to consider for any company before they launch a new product in the passenger vehicle segment. The company has already begun surveying and studying if it really needs to launch an all-new micro SUV in the market or refreshing the current line-up will be wiser. Lastly, the project needs to be given a go-ahead from the top management.

Hyundai is looking to have a strong range of SUV selection for the Indian market. This will consist of the possible micro SUV placed at the bottom of the SUV tier followed by the sub-4 metre QXI, the Creta, the Tucson and the Santa Fe. The micro SUV is also said to be Hyundai’s reply to Maruti Suzuki’s own micro SUV (codenamed Y1K), the production version of the Future-S Concept that was showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. It’s currently under development and will launch in 2020.

India has a booming passenger vehicle market and the Hyundai Creta has ranked among the top ten sellers since 2015. The company also enjoys a huge amount of success in the small car segment largely because of its modern looking cars which come with the best in segment features. Hyundai cars are also easy to drive in city conditions making them suitable for regular commuters and the new micro SUV isn’t expected to be any different.

Hyundai Micro SUV

– The all-new micro SUV is still in its early stages
– It will compete with the Renault Kwid and the Maruti Suzuki Y1K (codename)
– Unveiling is still three to four years away if the idea materialises

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