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Hyundai Creta recalled over oil pump issue

Hyundai has initiated a recall for the Creta IVT model in India due to a reported issue with the electronic oil pump (EOP) controller. The recall specifically targets the pre-facelift version of the second-generation Creta. Owners of these vehicles have been urged to bring their cars to authorised Hyundai dealerships for inspection and potential rectification of the IVT EOP Controller.

While Hyundai has acknowledged the issue and taken steps to address it, the exact number of affected vehicles has not been disclosed to the public. This lack of transparency may raise concerns among Creta IVT owners, who may wonder if their vehicles are included in the recall. However, Hyundai has provided a solution for concerned owners by allowing them to verify if their vehicle is affected by entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the official Hyundai India website.

If you haven’t been notified yet and you drive a pre-facelift Creta IVT then contact your nearest authorised Hyundai dealership and get your vehicle inspected and rectified.

It’s worth noting that Hyundai has assured customers that the rectification process will be carried out at no additional cost. This commitment to customer satisfaction is crucial in maintaining trust and loyalty among Hyundai owners.

Recalls are not uncommon in the automotive industry, and they serve as a proactive measure to address potential safety or performance issues. By promptly addressing the reported issue with the Creta IVT, Hyundai demonstrates its dedication to ensuring the reliability and safety of its vehicles on the road.