Citroen eC3 crash test reveals 0 star rating, 1 star for child occupant safety

Citroen eC3 Global NCAP crash test result is 0 stars for Adult Occupant Protection and 1 star for Child Occupant Protection. It scored 20.86 out of 34 for Adult safety and 10.55 out of 49 for Child safety.

Alejandro Furas, Global NCAP Secretary General says “This is an appalling result from Stellantis. PSA was once a leader on safety, but now, as part of the Stellantis group, the manufacturer appears to have taken a major backward step. We hope that this apparent negative trend is corrected globally as a matter of urgency.”

David Ward, Executive President of the Towards Zero Foundation said, “This result from Stellantis is of serious concern, not only for consumers in the Indian market but also for those in emerging economies around the world.”

According to the comments in the fact sheet of the crash test, the protection offered to the driver’s and passenger’s head and neck was good. Driver’s chest showed weak protection while passenger’s chest showed poor protection limiting the result to one star. Driver’s knees showed marginal protection as they can impact with dangerous structures behind the fascia, passenger’s knees showed good protection. Driver’s tibias showed marginal and good protection and passenger’s tibias showed good protection.

Footwell area was rated as unstable. The bodyshell was rated as stable and it is capable of withstanding further loadings.

For the side impact, head showed marginal protection, chest showed adequate protection and abdomen and pelvis showed good protection. The difference between front and side impact made the car to lose one star in the overall result.

UPDATE – Stellantis issues a statement after the crash test results are out – “Stellantis confirms its vehicles comply with all current local market regulations and its commitment to safety with six airbags and additional safety features as standard across products in India during the second half of the year.”

What are your thoughts on this crash test result of the Citroen eC3? Do you prioritise safety while buying a car in India? Let us know in the comments section below.

Citroen eC3 Crash Test
Citroen eC3 Crash Test Global NCAP
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