2015 Hyundai Genesis Wallpaper

Speed cameras are a common sight in developed nations. Basically, the camera clicks an image of your car and the driver if you happen to be exceeding the speed limit and you are then asked to pay the fine for breaking the speed limit. An automated policeman at the job, speed cameras has helped drivers restrict themselves to speed limits to avoid accidents or paying the fine. However, there are always some who do not want to adhere to the speed limits and these cameras too can’t stop them. Keeping this very human nature in mind, Hyundai is developing a car that slows down after detecting a speed camera in the vicinity.

A Hyundai spokesperson stated that the new technology will know if there is a speed camera on the road and will immediately adopt the correct speed to avoid any penalty. While active and passive safety systems are plenty on new age cars, the new tech will leave you with little or no control over the car in this kind of a situation. Currently, the after-market world provides add-ons that will beep continuously when they detect a speed camera.

Hyundai’s halo model, the Genesis already comes with automated emergency braking, which brakes immediately if a car ahead is too close during cruise control; however, slowing down a car for a speed camera is certainly a completely new feature. While speed demons will find this a deal breaker, there will be plenty who accidentally broke the speed limit without even realising it and were subjected to pay the fine later on. The new tech will also have to know the pre-existing locations of the speed cameras to work in harmony.

While speed camera locations are legally disclosed in Japan and Australia, several countries do not allow disclosing the speed camera location to third parties. Even in countries like the US, the tech would only work in some states, as the disclosure of the speed camera location is not a federal regulation. While there is no word on when this technology will debut on Hyundai vehicles, it will certainly be pleasing to the ones who have paid a fortune in the name of fines. In India though, speed cameras as well as the new tech are both a distant dream.

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