Hyundai Elantra Petrol Long Term Report
The fluidic design language on the Elantra makes it hard to ignore; is an eye-catcher on the road

Hyundai Elantra Long Term Review

The sixth-generation Elantra offers a ton of practicality in one good looking package

It’s no secret that the people are moving towards SUVs. This trend is not specific to India but the world over. Does that mean that mid-size sedans are down and out? Well, statistically the mid-size sedan segment has shrunk over the last five years but these sedans are slowly making a comeback. Honda is considering the latest generation of the Civic but one car which has been in India for quite a while is the Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai recently introduced the new generation Elantra in India and it has been finding a good number of buyers. The Elantra has now made it to the MotorBeam garage and we are quite impressed with the first impressions.

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Lots of cuts and creases; the sloping roofline is the design highlight

I simply loved the styling of the fifth-generation car. The fluidic design language was first introduced with the Elantra and it looked smashing. However, with the second iteration of the design language, Hyundai has gone subtler and the styling isn’t flashy but has the understated elegance and the silhouette is unmistakably Elantra. People have actually turned around and given it a second glance and have even asked about how it is to drive, price, etc. The silver colour on our car somehow manages to elevate the way this car looks.

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The interiors are an awesome place to be in

Back in 2012, the Elantra was the only car in the segment which offered ventilated seats and it was such a boon in the summer. Hyundai continues to offer this in the current generation car. Unfortunately, our test car is not the top of the line model and we sorely miss the ventilated seats which are available in the top model. Though this model is devoid of the sunroof as well, it is not something that is missed. On the other side, this variant has a long list of features too, notable ones being the cornering lights, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Smart Trunk and more. The infotainment system is user-friendly and offers some good quality sound.