Hyundai Elantra Long Term Review
The Hyundai Elantra is a good looking and feature-loaded D-segment sedan

Hyundai Elantra Long Term Review

The Hyundai Elantra diesel is a luxurious sedan that comes across as a smart package with hardly any negatives

We had a Hyundai Elantra petrol in our long term fleet few months back but after that we switched over to the CRDI AT version and since my daily running is quite high, I desperately needed a diesel automatic car and hence this D-segment sedan came to me. Driving the Elantra CRDI in Mumbai’s traffic on a daily basis has been quite a revelation and after putting the car through a few thousand kms, I’m all praises for it.

This blue shade looks killer and shows out all the curves nicely

On the styling front, the Elantra looks dope and this bright Blue shade makes the car stand out. I’ve caught so many people taking a second glance at the car and then looking at the front logo to see what brand it actually belongs to because so many people have commented that this resembles certain cars from the premium luxury segment. The stance of the Elantra is sporty and the body line with the coupe-like roof makes it look uber sexy while the neatly styled headlamps and tail lamps accentuate the car’s looks. Hyundai has nailed it when it comes to design.

The cabin is well-built and is ergonomic

The seats are positioned low which could be an issue for some people

The cabin is also a step up from its predecessor and the Elantra now gets richer materials on the inside while the fit and finish is good in typical Hyundai fashion. The dashboard has a neat design and feels user friendly and even though there are a lot of buttons near the infotainment system and centre console, everything feels within easy reach of the hand and there’s no confusion out there.

Ventilated seats are a huge boon in Indian weather

I have spent all my time with this car in the driver’s seat and without doubt my favourite feature is the ventilation function on the front seats which is a relief in our unbearable heat. I wish the ventilation was a bit more powerful though. Talking about heat, the AC has been keeping me happy with its cooling performance though it takes 10-15 mins to cool the car properly if it has been standing in the heat for too long. Some other nifty features include cruise control, sunroof (which I’ve opened just once), electric adjustment for the driver’s seat and various driving modes, more on this later.