Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai has been growing. The way their cars have put the sales chart on fire has really got Toyota the World No. 1 worried. Hyundai Genesis was launched in a segment which had cars like the Mercedes Benz E Class and BMW 5 Series. Hyundai sold 800 units of the Genesis in the U.S. and guess who were two of the buyers?

General Motors and Toyota. Yes that’s right, two of the vehicles sold were each registered to General Motors Corp and Toyota Motor Corp.

“Among the first buyers were General Motors (Corp) and Toyota (Motor Corp),” says Michael Deitz, manager product development for Hyundai. Both paid sticker price, but there are a few other reasons Deitz is excited. “I’m flattered the competition bought us so early, but we only had the V-6 version available initially, so they are going to have to come back and buy another car,” he says during a preview of the new Genesis for the Midwest Automotive Media Association.

According to Michael Deitz, Hyundai’s manager of product development, both automakers purchased V6-equipped models since the V8 isn’t available yet, and that one of the buyers identified himself as part of GM’s “Competitive Intelligence Department.”