Hyundai IONIQ EV Brand
It is a dedicated electric vehicle brand from the South Korean automaker group

Hyundai Motor has announced a new brand dedicated to EVs and it is named the IONIQ. Yes, it is the name of the automaker’s first electric model launched back in 2016, but now it is the name of a separate brand.

The South Korean firm states that the creation of the IONIQ brand is in response to the fast-growing market demand and adds that it will combine its current EV capabilities with future innovations.

Under the new brand, Hyundai claims it will offer its customers electric vehicle experiences centered on connected lifestyle solutions.

Three new models will be released under the Hyundai IONIQ EV brand in the next four years with more innovative models planned for later. Oddly enough, the models will be numerically named – even numbers for sedans and odd numbers for SUVs.

First model to be rolled out under the brand will be the IONIQ 5 midsize crossover SUV that will launch in early 2021. It is based on the concept EV 45, which Hyundai unveiled at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2019 in Frankfurt.

In 2022, Hyundai will introduce IONIQ 6 sedan, which is based on the company’s latest concept EV Prophecy, followed by IONIQ 7, a large SUV, in 2024. IONIQ vehicles’ designs will have a common theme, named “Timeless Value”, and they will be inspired by Hyundai’s past concepts and models.

All the above stated vehicles will be underpinned by an Electric Global Modular Platform or E-GMP, that Hyundai says will enable fast charging capability and plentiful driving range.

EVs using this platform will have adjustable seats, wireless connectivity and unique features like a glove box designed like drawers. Moreover, the Hyundai IONIQ EV brand will help the group achieve its goal of selling one million EVs and holding 10 percent EV sales share across the globe by 2025.

Hyundai IONIQ EV Brand

  • Hyundai’s IONIQ will be a dedicated electric vehicle brand
  • Three models have been planned, first model launch will be in 2021
  • To use a new Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)
Hyundai IONIQ EV Brand Models
The first model to be launched will be the crossover (right) and it will come in 2021