Looking at the Hyundai pricing modal, the Hyundai ix25 is likely to be priced between Rs. 10 – 16 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai) when it is launched this year.

Hyundai ix25 India Test
Since the length is over 4-metre, cabin of the ix25 will be spacious

The compact SUV segment in India has been really popular due to the poor road conditions and the fact that these cars offer higher seating position making them easier to drive for most. Many brands have already launched cars in this segment and many are soon entering the market. The Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano have been selling well in the market due to the plush ride quality and lack of competition. But this is set to change with the launch of the Hyundai ix25 which is scheduled to be launched in the next 4-6 months.

The pricing of the Hyundai ix25 will be a key factor for its success in the price-sensitive Indian market. Considering the i20 Active is priced at a premium of over a lakh above the similar Elite i20, we expect the ix25 to be priced over a lakh above the Verna with which it shares the engines and plenty of other components. It will sit higher up in the company’s portfolio and prices of certain variants would be more than its chief competitor, the Renault Duster.

Current prices of the Verna are as follows (on-road, Mumbai) –

Petrol variants –
1.4 VTVT – 9.21 lakhs
1.6 VTVT S – 10.56 lakhs
1.6 VTVT S(O) – 11.19 lakhs
1.6 VTVT S(O) AT – 12.16 lakhs
1.6 VTVT SX – 12.21 lakhs

Diesel variants – 
1.4 CRDI – 10.83 lakhs
1.6 CRDI S – 12.43 lakhs
1.6 CRDI S(O) – 12.95 lakhs
1.6 CRDI SX – 14.01 lakhs
1.6 CRDI SX AT – 14.90 lakhs

Expected prices of the Hyundai ix25 are as follows (on-road, Mumbai) –

Petrol variants: –
1.4 VTVT – 10.25 lakhs
1.6 VTVT S – 11.60 lakhs
1.6 VTVT S(O) – 12.20 lakhs
1.6 VTVT SX – 13.25 lakhs

Diesel variants:
1.4 CRDI – 11.85 lakhs
1.6 CRDI S – 13.45 lakhs
1.6 CRDI S(O) – 13.99 lakhs
1.6 CRDI SX – 15.05 lakhs
1.6 CRDI SX AT – 15.98 lakhs

The price difference between the Verna and ix25 will be there in order to avoid cannibalisation. If the difference is any lesser, Verna sales will be hit because Indians do favour SUVish stance and would plonk a bit more money and go for the ix25. Considering the ix25 isn’t a sub 4-metre car, Hyundai wouldn’t be able to benefit from the lower excise duty and will have to price it higher. What remains to be seen is how the market accepts the car with its higher pricing but additional features.

Hyundai ix25 Spied
Higher ground clearance helps in tackling bad roads
Hyundai ix25 On Test
The Hyundai ix25 looks smart from all angles
Hyundai ix25 Spied India
The test mule is shod with 17-inch rims which are likely to be retained
Hyundai ix25 Testing
The ix25 will be loaded with features like all other Hyundai cars