Options have always been for those who live differently, trying to keep the environment around them clean and making it a better place for everyone. There are car owners who have switched to CNG (compressed natural gas) to help reduce pollution. Now Hyundai has gone a step further to create more options for such users. The company has launched the CNG variants of its i10, Santro and Accent models in Andhra Pradesh. So, people here have a wider range of options to choose from if they want to opt for a cleaner environment which also comes at an economical cost.

Customers will have the choice to use CNG as an alternative fuel in the dual fuel Santro, i10 and Accent. All the new models will come with kits and there would be advanced systems which would increase the performance. These models will also come with enhanced safety features and would comply with the latest emission norms. The new models have been launched in Hyderabad and few other places across Andhra Pradesh. However, Accent with CNG as an option will not be available for customers in Hyderabad. The major problem the customers might face is with the availability of the CNG stations in Hyderabad.

However, that would not be a problem in the future as oil companies may soon plan to come up with more bunks offering CNG. Introduction of these variants would be a welcome move for all those environment conscious customers. The best part about this is the cost of owning such cars. The CNG enabled cars would come for an additional price of just Rs. 56,000/- for the kit. Indeed, an economical option as the running costs would be much lower and the cars are more environmental friendly than their petrol only counterparts.

Source – Business Line