Hyundai has announced recall of 47,300 of the latest Sonata in the United States and South Korean markets due to a door lock problem. The recall will affect YF Sonatas produced in Korea until December 6 (approximately 46,000 units) and those produced at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama and sold to customers until February 16 (approximately 1,300 units). The company will call back cars from March in response to complaints of faulty front-door locks on some of them. Its US dealers were ordered on Tuesday to stop selling the model, which was launched in Korean in September and this month in the States.

Hyundai officials said that “in very rare instances” the front doors of some of the new Sonatas cannot be closed properly if a motorist simultaneously pulls the door latch and holds down the lock from inside. To avoid a possible occurrence of the problem, Hyundai has been applying modified parts to some of its Korean and US production models. Hyundai has full confidence in its early warning system which tracks customer complaints worldwide and analyses patterns in reported problems. Hyundai said it would notify both the US and South Korean transportation authorities this week of its voluntary recall.