In order to reduce on carbon footprints and costs, Hyundai has started transporting cars in the domestic market via the sea route. This isn’t the first time a car manufacturer is using the sea route to transport cars.

Hyundai Cars Chennai Port
Hyundai cars waiting to be boarded at the Chennai port

Yet again, Hyundai has made a new thinking possible! Hyundai, which is currently the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, made a decision to transport cars through sea for the domestic market. Though Hyundai had been using the Chennai Port for exporting cars, this is the first time it is transporting its cargo through the sea for the domestic market. As a part of this initiative, Hyundai, which has its base in Chennai, shipped the first lot of 800 cars from the Chennai Port to the Pipavav Port in Gujarat. The Port welcomed the same on 5th February.

Movement by ship has a lot of potential, it is cheaper than the road route and also an incentive of Rs. 500/- per small car and Rs. 2000/- per big car has been announced. This proves that the ministry of shipping is putting its best foot forward to encourage car manufacturers to adopt a more eco-friendly mode of transport.

Also one cannot ignore the additional advantage of huge capacity of ships to carry cargo. The volumes that can be handled in a Ro-Ro vessel, with 4,24,427 gross tonnage are much larger compared to what can travel on trucks. The Chennai port is already in talks with Nissan and Ford among others to use the sea-route. Usually coal, fertilisers, iron ore, petroleum products and cement are moved from one port to another. Now, initiative to move cars from southern ports to western ports are being taken.

This initiative is a part of the Mission Resurge. Faced with dwindling cargo traffic after the Madras High Court banned the handling of coal, the Chennai Port was looking to deal with more of granite blocks, edible oil, fertilisers and others. Under this mission, handling of cars through ship seemed like a favourable choice. This not only unlocks a huge potential for coastal shipping in India for automobile cargo but also reduces carbon footprints in the environment by a huge amount.

Hyundai India Shipping Cars Locally

– Chennai port transports Hyundai cars through sea for the domestic market for the first time
– 800 Hyundai cars were loaded on the Chennai Port
– This initiative is a part of Mission Resurge
– A huge relief from the growing carbon footprints in the environment

2015 Hyundai i20 N Sport
Hyundai’s top selling car in India is the Elite i20