This Indian man does yoga while riding his Honda Shine 125cc motorcycle without any safety gear as part of mixing two of his passions together – riding and yoga!

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India is a land of the unthinkable! No seriously, if you thought we are just a bunch of ordinary mortals just minding our own business, while the other superpowers watch Saturday Night Live on loop; then let me tell you, you are wrong. We are the people who invented yoga and we are also the land that is home to the world’s largest selling two-wheeler maker. So what do you do when you have two of the most followed exercises at your disposal? Do ‘Bike Yoga’ of course!

At least that is what 45 year old Gugulotu Lachiram from Andhra Pradesh seems to think. In this video that has emerged online, we can see Lachiram bring together two of his passions – yoga and motorcycling in a rather strange concoction. A farmer by profession, you can see him do arduous yoga exercises on his Honda Shine 125 at high speeds and is also joined by equally calm pillion riders occasionally. The rider also states that he practices the activity everyday while commuting on public roads, much to everyone’s attention.

Incidentally, the video showcases the Bajaj Discover’s instrument cluster at 1.30 seconds (thought we wouldn’t notice?). A local hero, Lachiram aspires to make it to the national level with his one-of-a-kind talent. It is also one of those occasions where the ‘Make in India’ campaign was taken too seriously in a bid to Indianize motorcycle stunts. Up till now, Lachiram has been lucky enough to not be involved in any kind of an accident. Needless to say, the absence of any riding gear is a serious violation not only of the law, but also of human life.

We certainly do not advocate such incidents that jeopardise the life of not only the rider but also of other commuters and travellers on the road. While India may have given the world yoga (and now a days dedicated to it), this certainly is no way to celebrate the same or even the noble passion of motorcycling. So, if you have even the most impressive yoga skills and cojones the size of a bowling ball, we still wouldn’t advise you to take this up.

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