Honda will be introducing their ESP technology in India with the new CB Shine, which helps in delivering higher fuel efficiency and power figures.

2014 Honda CB Shine Dual Tone Red And Black
The new Honda CB Shine might feature idling stop-start system

Honda as of late has been relatively quiet as compared to its rivals in the two-wheeler segment, in terms of product launches and upgrades. Latest action from the manufacturer came a couple of months back at a press conference, when Honda launched some visually enhanced versions of its top-selling models. One such motorcycle that was upgraded was the CB Shine, which also got a new feature called combi-brake system. It now seems that Honda will be giving this particular motorcycle another new feature known as Enhanced Smart Power (ESP). With the new ESP technology, the Honda CB Shine will offer much better fuel economy figures along with more power and torque.

The ESP technology is somewhat similar to the Hero Splendor iSmart’s i3S (Idle Stop-Start System), which shuts the engine when idling and turns it on when you want to move ahead. But Honda claims that ESP is better in regards that it has better hardware. Honda is working on upgrading its lineup with the new ESP technology in India, much like what Hero is planning to do with the i3S (with the Splendor series). Currently, the technology is featured in the new Vario Techno 125, which is sold in Asian countries. The Aviator might be the first Honda scooter to get ESP technology in India while for motorcycles, it would be the CB Shine.

The upcoming CB Shine is expected to be called Honda CB Shine SP, where SP stands for smart power. It will be powered by the same 125cc engine that produces 10.6 PS of power and 10.54 Nm of torque, but power figures are likely to change for the better. The transmission is also likely to undergo many improvements that will result in lower emissions and higher fuel economy. The CB Shine SP could further receive a few visual upgrades on its headlamp, fuel tank, side panels and might also get a new tail lamp. Please note that all these changes are still speculative at the moment.

2015 Honda ESP Technology
ESP technology has many features integrated

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