Indian Motorcycles has all the potential, power and money to become the king of the cruiser segment as it already has the same heritage and lineage of being a cult cruiser motorcycle company.

2015 Indian Scout Sturgis
The Indian Scout is going to cause a lot of damage to the competition

It is not a secret anymore that Indian Motorcycles, the child of the America based Polaris Industries is back with a bang that only the universal big bang can come in context to, when compared. Indian Motorcycles is churning out cruiser motorcycles one after the other in separate variants and recently in different styles too. First came the Indian Chief Classic, then came the Indian Chief Vintage and finally Indian Chieftan which are cruisers based on the same chassis but the wheelbase and front-end geometry is different and varies as per requirement which are meant to serve different purposes in these three variants of the “Chief” cruisers.

Very recently Indian announced the revival of the iconic Scout series of motorcycle which come into the market after 70 years of non-existence at the very famous event in America called the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which happens one every year in the month of August in a place called South Dakota. After this heavy introduction we already know these motorcycles look jaw-dropping fantastic and the attention to detail is immensely high. Reports coming from worldwide that the motorcycles are good to ride, well finished and made so beautifully that is a work of art and craftsman. These motorcycles deserve a loud applause for achieving this incredible feat.

The styling is one of the reasons Indian motorcycles’ cash registers are ringing and ringing so loud that the noise is most disturbing to the people who are sitting in Milwaukee who are having trouble hearing the decibel of the sound. The motorcycles are so good that hardcore H-D fans are trading their motorcycles and getting it without a second thought. Now that is scary news because anything beyond and above H-D has never been in existence and if it continues to do so, then H-D is going to have a lot to worry about. Harley-Davidson has already started updating their models one after the other but that won’t help as the quality levels and styling of Indian Motorcycles is already far more superior at first sight and a small ride impression of the motorcycle proves that fact. The Thunder Stroke 111 motor is so fantastic that it can put every other cruiser motorcycle to shame, even international reports suggest the same. The performance, comfort and features are just unbeatable.

So you may think that how did Indian Motorcycles learn all this? This is partly because Polaris Industries already has another iconic cruiser maker called Victory which is also known for making extremely desirable cruiser bikes and obviously the learning came from there. But for people around the world, a cruiser means American and that is what Indian Motorcycles is able to cash on and one of the reasons it will cash on because it is the oldest motorcycle maker in the industry and came in 1901 while Harley-Davidson came in the year 1903.

There is no doubt in our mind or of any motorcycle or cruiser enthusiast that Indian has a long way to go. The revival is on time and done rightly as well. Products are great, after sales is where to it needs to prove itself and we are sure it is definitely going to be better than Harley, as Indian is a company focused and dedicated towards providing service and quality won’t mess up for one small area which it can excel at (which it has begun already) extremely well. It is just not Harley who needs to worry, every single cruiser motorcycle maker throughout the world, be it Honda or Triumph, Kawasaki or Moto Guzzi will face the heat. They all need to stand up and take notice or else it will be a matter of time when “Indians” start ruling the cruiser motorcycle world.

2015 Indian Roadmaster Touring Bike
Chief range of motorcycles have attention to detail which pleases at every level
2015 Indian Motorcycles Chief Vintage Two Tone Colours
The retro looks perfectly combined with modern technology is a recipe for success