Ducati Monster 795 Road Test

Almost all premium manufacturers are coming to India and melting their steel at full pace in Indian factories. Our market has become the centre of attraction because of manufacturers being so impressed with quality and cheap labour prices that most of them have started making entry-level bikes in the country at competitive prices. Maker in question? KTM! With the help of Bajaj, KTM holds the roost of the market and is currently the most loved brand by the enthusiast for the high-quality, over-performing motorcycles which they have given us for shockingly less amount of money than expected.

Surely Ducati with their sole concentration on high-end performance motorcycles and exorbitant price tags around the world does not care for our market which loves value. Ducati has never said that they will make motorcycles in the entry level segment but with almost everybody coming into the entry-level market, will Ducati be forced to come in too? Question is either stand alone or in partnership, an idea which has become fashion in this politically correct world? Hero has EBR, BMW has TVS and Bajaj has KTM. Who will Ducati end up partnering with? Mahindra? We think not! However it can be a possibility. Mahindra is a huge brand around the world and has presence every where and in every sector.

Anyways coming back to the point. Ducati will come to the party but only when it will be too late. Ducati may have started working on their plans for India as their parent company is the ruthless king of the automotive world, Volkswagen. Existing (VW, Audi) dealership companies can be approached to set-up Ducati showrooms in India, since the margins are high and this brand is famous in every single household of the country. A country which has billions of people in it. We think it is not going to be easy to get into India because the competition is here and the biggest factor is that the competition is well established too!

Rival BMW has partnered with Bajaj’s arch nemesis TVS to make bikes and they are not far away from launching either. BMW has another rival from their home continent which is Ducati. Ducati is pretty much made it clear that they are coming officially into the market by 2017, which is a year later than BMW. Ducati is coming in last, will they be too late to enter the market?

Manufacturers say that the year 2017 is the right time to enter the market because the government policies are coming in their favour. However, if the policies which government provides is taken seriously by manufacturers themselves, they can end up giving us products at very affordable prices and later the world can also enjoy value which can happen if manufacturing begins in India which seems insanely distant from a company which is already late to come to India.

Ducati Monster 821 2014

2015 Ducati Diavel Standard

Ducati 1199 Superleggera