ISI Mark Car Windscreen
The new rule will help improve glass quality and safety

The Bureau of Indian Standards is working on a legislation that will make it mandatory to have the ISI mark on car windscreens and windows.

This new legislation would help prevent the entry of low-quality glass into the country, while also improving safety as a consequence.

This new rule, similar to that made about tyres sold in India, will also apply to 4-wheelers that are only assembled here.

It seems that the Bureau of Indian Standards that works under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs wants to cover all bases with the new rule.

That is because aftermarket windscreen and window replacement glasses are said to be below par, which would get negated with the ISI mark on car windscreen.

This move is also likely to help local glass manufacturers in the long-term and encourage them to up their game and be on a par with global standards.

That said, car manufacturers will likely be burdened by the additional certification, with escalation of cost likely to take place as well.

Those who mostly assemble and sell their cars here will be impacted the most since the glass used will have to be certified, stamped with the ISI logo at the point of manufacture before being imported in India.

The certification process might prove to be a long-drawn-out process, but, as a respite, this legislation, however, will likely not apply to CBU cars.

The national standards body is likely to give enough time for manufacturers to prepare before enforcing the new rule which is proposed to come into effect from 1st April 2021.

ISI Mark On Car Windscreen

  • Bureau of Indian Standards to mandate ISI mark on car windscreen
  • Rule to improve glass-quality and subsequently improve safety
  • To likely come into force from 1st April 2021
Audi RS7 Sportback Front
CBU cars will not be covered under the new legislation

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