GM chief Bob Lutz had challenged automotive journalists and private owners to find a stock production sports sedan that could outperform the CTS-V. The contest was set for 29th October at the Monticello Motor Club race track in New York and Jaguar accepted the challenge with the XFR. However they backed out last minute blaming the brake cooling system could give up causing a safety issue to the driver. Now that is called being scared. You can read the updates on the complete challenge on twitter here.

“I think it means that the European high-performance sedans are excellent, even superb cars, but quite possibly not ready for racing laps right out of the show-room. The CTS-V is not only quicker, but will, in totally untweaked, stock form, run hot laps at any race track until it runs out of fuel. Transmission oil and diff oil temps are stable, engine oil temp doesn’t go up, brakes get a bit more pedal travel, but don’t fade. The street tires get a tad greasy, but handling and control remain excellent. “May the best car win”! (It wins automatically if the competitors won’t show up!),” Bob Lutz responded after Jaguar backed out.