Jeep Compass Trailhawk Review
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Jeep Compass Trailhawk Review

Car Tested: Jeep Compass Trailhawk; Road Test No. 1105; Test Location: Lonavala

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 30 lakhs (est.)

With outstanding off-road capabilities, a bold look and a punchy diesel engine, the Compass Trailhawk is a lovely SUV

Jeep India launched the Compass in 2017 and this SUV got an overwhelming response in the market, with the vehicle fetching really impressive sales. Customers loved the premium look and feel, the brand value of Jeep and of course the performance but there were 2 things that we really missed in this vehicle and that’s a diesel automatic trim and the off-road focussed Trailhawk variant. It’s been a long wait for the Trailhawk but now it’s finally here and might I say I’m thoroughly impressed.

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The Trailhawk gets better approach and departure angles

Exteriors – There are quite a few changes to the exterior of the Compass Trailhawk when we compare it to the regular version but these changes are subtle meaning if a layman looks at both the cars from a distance, he might not be able to identify all the differences. The Trailhawk gets new bumpers with improved approach and departure angles which come in to be very useful while off-roading. On the hood, you get a black coloured anti-glare decal while the fenders have the elusive Trail Rated badge which isn’t just a badge but a stamp that certifies the off-road ability of this car.

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All the chrome details have been blacked-out on the Trailhawk

The Compass Trailhawk has various cosmetic and hardware modifications for tackling the worst of terrains

The Jeep Compass Trailhawk also comes with blackened logos and badging, snazzy looking alloys and a dual-tone colour theme. For now, this variant is offered in two colour options – Red/Black and White/Black. It gets a blacked-out grille too, with all the excess chrome of the regular Compass deleted. The car does have a lot of street cred and looks trail ready yet maintaining the class in its styling. In line with the off-road orientation of this variant, it comes with 4 skid plates, a 30 mm higher ground clearance taking the figure to 205 mm and a red tow hook at the rear. The front tow hook has been removed from the India-spec model because of safety norms.