Tata Group Chairman, Mr. Ratan Tata, has announced that its British Subsidiary, Jaguar Land Rover, would be launching a slew of new fuel efficient sports cars, in the next two years. The news would not be new as the same was already mentioned in the Tata Motor’s 2011-12 annual report. The subsidiary had been already working on developing high powered fuel efficient engines. Customers now are indeed looking for performance first before taking any decision and fuel efficiency becomes a must with the rising fuel prices.

Though previously, the statement was made that in the next 4-5 years the company plans to roll out 40 new models, no specific number was quoted for the current plan. For that matter, the bifurcation too has not been provided as in how many will roll out under the Jaguar brand and how many under the Land Rover. Few facelifts are expected for the JLR and vehicles catering to the “Rugged” lifestyle are already scheduled to be launched. The current project that JLR has taken up is considered to be one of the most ambitious one as it will lead to a wider product offering with a better technology, thus leading to an immense competition.

The operations at JLR have been remarkable till now with a good sales record too. The sales showed an impressive growth of 37 percent over the last year. There have been extensive growth plans. The company is setting up a manufacturing plant in China and investing a huge sum on setting up an engine plant in UK. Plans are in place to set up one in India too. In order to position itself as a top premium brand, the company is investing 1.5 billion pounds on product development. Looks like the strategies are all in place and JLR has some threatening news for its rivals.

Source – Economic Times