Kawasaki Z 50th Anniversary Edition Teaser
The special edition bikes will stand out due to their new paint scheme

The Kawasaki Z 50th Anniversary Edition teaser has arrived just weeks after the bikes’ global unveil

India Kawasaki Motors has released a teaser to signal the impending launch of the Z 50th Anniversary Edition models that were globally unveiled recently.

Paying homage to the original Z, the 1972 Z1, the Z 50th anniversary edition models, comprising the Z650, Z650RS, Z900 and Z900RS, came with unique paint schemes.

The Z650 50th anniversary edition sports the Firecracker Red colourway with with dark blue and silver highlights, red wheels with silver pinstripes, gold-coloured emblems and a split leather seat.

Kawasaki Z 50th Anniversary Edition 2022 Z900 Firecracker Red
Seeing a Kawasaki without a hint of green on it will be a rare sight in India

On the other hand, the 50th anniversary edition Z900, which has the same paint scheme as its smaller sibling, comes with a gloss black frame and gold-coloured fork outer tubes.

Further, special edition Z650RS and Z900RS come with a Candy Diamond Brown paint scheme with the ‘Fireball’ pattern of the original Z1. They also have gold-coloured wheels, gloss black frames, a leather seat and model-specific logos.

Although it is hard to differentiate between the 2 ‘RS’ models, the motorcycle featured in the Kawasaki Z 50th anniversary edition teaser is likely the special edition Z650RS, as the Z900RS is not sold in India at present.

Kawasaki Z 50th Anniversary Edition 2022 Z650RS Candy Diamond Brown
The Z650RS’ classic looks and the new paintwork match well

It is possible that the Z900RS could be reintroduced in India. But, an official word on the same is yet to arrive. Nonetheless, Kawasaki should launch the special edition Z650, Z650RS and the Z900 in the market.

These models do not come with any mechanical changes. But, because of the cosmetic differences they should cost more than their regular counterparts. For reference, the Z650 currently costs Rs. 6.24 lakhs, the Z650RS is priced at Rs. 6.72 lakhs, while the Z900 comes in at 8.50 lakhs (prices are ex-showroom).