Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle Patent
If the tech is put into production, it might be reserved for large capacity bikes

Kawasaki looks to be working on a motorcycle with hybrid powertrain and patent images of the same have surfaced online.

Patent images show a conventional touring bike powered by a petrol engine that gets assistance from an electric motor. The latter will draw power from a battery pack.

A joystick (numbered 37) that is present next to the engine kill switch is used to select specific riding maps, battery regeneration modes, among others, and control the hybrid system.

For example, the top-position is for the engine and electric motor to work at the same time, while the gearbox is untouched. The next level down ensures that the electric motor works to recover electric energy to feed the battery, while the bottom mode is a pure electric mode.

Below the joystick, on the Kawasaki electric motorcycle patent, sits a circular button marked “36” and this is reported to be the “boost” button.

As the name implies, the rider would be able to call on additional energy if he or she wants more acceleration for a limited period.

With emissions regulations becoming ever so tighter, manufacturers have to look at ways to stay on top of the game and one way to go about it is to hybridize motorcycles.

But, with electric vehicles already gaining foothold, the constant evolution of battery tech would likely deem such a motorcycle unfeasible to produce.

In case it does get made, such as bike will satisfy a select customer base that looks for thrills produced by a petrol motor and the added efficiency provided by the electric system.

Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle Patent

  • Kawasaki has patented a motorcycle with hybrid system
  • The engine works with an electric motor powered by a battery pack
  • System has electric-only driving mode as well
Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle Patent Switchgear
The button numbered 37 can be used to switch between modes on the go
Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle Patent Modes
These are a few modes that will be available on the hybrid motorcycle

Source – Visordown.com