KTM 890 SMT Spied
It has the chassis of the 890 Adventure

The recently spied KTM 890 SMT borrows a lot of parts from the middleweight adventure bike, including the engine

KTM has been caught road-testing a supermoto-style bike based on the KTM 890 Adventure with the wheels and suspension borrowed from the Duke 890.

It does have the headlight unit of the adventure model, but the fuel tank has been revised and so is the bodywork. It is likely that the suspension has been tuned to suit the bike too.

All in all, the recently spied KTM 890 SMT will be lighter than the 890 Adventure, but will also have less weather protection. Also, the fitment of 17-inch wheels should ensure that it handles like a dream.

KTM 890 SMT Spied Rear
Such bikes would be more suitable for sporty touring

As for the engine, the 890 SMT should come with the same 103 BHP and 100 Nm as the 890 Adventure and it will very much come with a digital instrument cluster, bi-directional quickshifter, cruise control, cornering ABS, traction control, and other features.

Although we have termed the bike as the 890 SMT, for it is seemingly being developed on the same ethos as the erstwhile 990 SMT, it could be be called the Duke 890 GT for all we know.