KTM Duke 200 vs Competitors
KTM Duke 200 - Click above for picture gallery

The KTM Duke 200 has shaken the premium motorcycle segment with its aggressive price. The bike has all the right ingredients to be a massive success in the Indian market. The headlights are diamond shaped while the indicators use LEDs. The tyres of the KTM Duke are made by MRF and the rear tail light resembles alot like the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The quality of parts are extremely high and the switchgear feels nice to operate. Start the KTM Duke 200 and she roars to life, displaying the message ‘Ready To Race’ on the console. The instrument cluster is lit in orange all the time and displays important information like stand stand on and time to service. Other things like distance to empty (the 11-litre fuel tank was showcasing around 300 kms! with 80% fuel on board) and timings are also displayed.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLEIKtNXdvA 540 375]

Sit on the Duke 200 and it gives a good view to the rider. The mirrors fall well in line for good rear view visibility. The engine is exposed and the under belly exhaust is conspicuous by its absence. The Duke 200 has an inbuilt crash guard too and the front forks look very chunky. The tank has wing like projections and that theme continues on the pillio seat with similar projections for the grab rails. The rear mudguard has been integrated quite well and does not spoil the appeal of the Duke. The rear tyres look very good indeed and the overall paint quality is top notch. KTM Stores are not only letting prospective customers come and snap the Duke but will also let you sit on it. Test rides will be offered too and this will be done on the roads and not on the dyno. All in all, Bajaj Auto has made a commendable effort with the Duke,. Now how does it ride is something we will have to wait for to find out if the Duke lives up to the hype.

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