Benelli will be launching the TNT 25 later this year in the Indian market. It will compete with the KTM Duke 200 which has got a very good response in India.

KTM Duke 200 Black Model
The Duke 200 makes lesser power but is lighter too

KTM entered the Indian market a couple of years back with the Duke 200 and got an amazing response. The combination of good looks, decent pricing and maniac performance made it an instant success. It was nicknamed the ‘Hooligan”. The Duke 200 has been the leader in its segment for a while now but later this year, it will receive new competition in the form of the Benelli TNT 25. The Italian bike maker Benelli will be launching its range of bikes in India on 19th March and the TNT 25 will come by the end of this year. Confused whether you should wait for the new kid on the block or go for the Austrian hooligan? We do a quick specification comparison to help you out.

Design – The Duke 200 looks really nice from all angles. It takes inspiration from its elder siblings like the Duke 690 and Duke 990. The bike has great presence on the road and manages to grab everyone’s attention. It has been designed really well and it looks bigger than it actually is. The TNT 25 looks more meticulously crafted and a bit more mature. The alloys on the bike have a nice design and the exhaust design adds to the looks of the bike.

Dimensions – The TNT 25 is the longer bike of the two and is also lower. The ground clearance of the TNT 25 is also lower which might be a bit of a problem when negotiating some unscientific speed-breakers. The KTM on the other hand has slightly better ground clearance which enables the owners to take it for mild off-road trails too if they so fancy.

Comfort – The Duke 200 isn’t really a bike made for comfort but the ride quality is fairly decent. However the seat could do with a bit more cushioning. The ergonomics of the bike are spot on for street-riding. The TNT 25 is expected to have a plusher ride like its elder brother, the TNT 300. The seat will be more comfortable for both the rider and pillion.

Powertrain – KTM has plonked in a 200cc liquid-cooled engine in the Duke 200 which produces 25 BHP of power and 19.2 Nm of torque. That combined with the low kerb weight and short gearing makes the Duke 200 one fast bike. The TNT 25 on the other end is powered by a 250cc liquid-cooled engine which produces 28.15 BHP of power and 21.61 Nm of torque. Although the power is higher in case of the Benelli, it also weighs more which lowers its power-to-weight ratio.

Price – KTM has increased the prices of the Duke 200 twice over its lifetime and it currently retails at Rs. 1,60,000/- (on-road, Mumbai) which is aggressive thanks to it being locally made and most parts being sourced locally. We expect the Benelli TNT 25 to be priced at Rs. 2 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai) considering it will come via the CKD route and will attract import duties. The pricing could be justified considering it is expected to have better quality parts and better fit and finish.

Verdict – Both these motorcycles have their own set of pros and cons and it boils down to individual preference at the end of the day. On paper, the Duke 200 leads the game but when it comes down to the on-road behaviour, both the bikes would be totally different from each other. Those who want explosive performance and more BHP per rupee will definitely like the Duke 200 more. But those who would want a more relaxed machine which is high on comfort, would be attracted towards the TNT 25. The bigger fuel tank of the TNT 25 would also make it touring friendly, a trait that the Duke 200 lacks.

Benelli TNT 25 vs KTM Duke 200 Spec Comparo
The specs of both the bikes show that they both are different in more ways than one
IBW 2015 Benelli TNT 25 Reveal
The Benelli TNT 25 will be a more tamable beast