KTM Adventure 1190 Launch

Good news for adventure motorcycle folks around the world who want speed on the tarmac and on the rough terrain at the same time! KTM is spawning an adventure version of the 390 like how street-fighter, fully faired and other versions are planned on this platform. We all know this is a platform in which many motorcycles will be created and the Adventure is one of them. This news first came when we showed you pictures of the RC series of bikes standing in the Chakan plant and the same guys told us that work has begun on the Adventure bikes as well.

The adventure bike will share most of the things from the current KTM 390. Things like frame, swingarm, engine, etc. are going to be common. However, there will be changes to the gearing, wheelbase and travel of the suspension which will see an increase over the 150 mm on the current Duke 390 on both ends. Weight will be added thanks to a large fairing and fuel tank with the bike getting bigger sized wheels. Changes to the footpegs and their position will be done. The seats will also be altered and there will definitely be place to mount your luggage.

Now we know there are a lot of people in our country waiting for the adventure version of the Duke 390 to conquer the Himalayas but since the market is extremely small, Bajaj may or may not consider to launch it in India despite it being made here. The international response to the KTM Adventure 390 will be terrific but the same cannot be said for our market. The Duke 390 has been doing well for a naked bike but as we know, our market is full of fairing lovers and hence it is only the RC which is going to stay in the market as the other form of the Duke series. Pricing will be Rs. 40-50,000/- more than the naked version and should impress buyers everywhere, even if it manages to go on sale in our country.

KTM Adventure 1190 Jump