Professional car driver Leona Chin was asked to disguise as a nerdy learner for the prank as she took unsuspecting driving instructors on the ride of a lifetime.

Leona Chin Driving Instructor Prank
Leona Chin is a professional motorsports athlete in Malaysia

Driving instructors can come across some of the hardest days as they evaluate good, bad and even horrible drivers that should ideally never get behind the wheel. Making the first day exciting for these driving instructors, a driving school in Malaysia asked professional driver Leona Chin to help play a prank on unsuspecting individuals as they rode shotgun for the ride of a lifetime.

Making sure that none of the instructors found out about Leona’s true capabilities, the professional driver turned up in a nerdy disguise complete with spectacles, SpongeBob t-shirt, ponytail and a learner’s plate on the car, contrary to her otherwise serious attire on the track. As we progress, the video shows Leona stalling, taking wrong turns, giving the wrong turn indicator and making dodgy gear shifts only to have her instructors lose hope. As the driving instructors start giving up on her driving abilities, Leona breaks into rhythm, punching the accelerator all the way to the floor.

What follows then is a laughter riot as you see the instructors clinching onto the grab handle, seatbelt and practically anything they can find as Leona does powerslides, burnouts and doughnuts filling the empty parking lot with white smoke. While you find some instructors scared to death, there were the others who realised the humour behind the prank and even posed with the racer later. Can someone’s first day at work be this exciting? Check out the video below and let us know how you would react if you were the subject of such a prank.

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