If you are one among the many automotive enthusiasts who were unhappy when Porsche launched the Cayenne SUV a decade back, this is bad news. More still, if you are one among those who hated the polarizing Bentley EXP 9F Concept SUV when it was unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, you will hate this too. Lamborghini, the Italian supercar manufacturer owned by Volkswagen, is planning to diversify into the Sport Utility Vehicle segment. Yes, you read it right. If reports circulating in the media are to be believed, the SUV is to be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show shortly and is most likely to be christened Urus. ‘Why Lamborghini, why?’ you may ask. The answer is simple. These days, if an auto manufacturer has to be profitable, they need to have an expensive SUV in their line-up with a fat profit margin. The Porsche Cayenne, that was criticised at launch for ‘killing’ the image of Porsche is now the largest selling and most profitable model in the company’s lineup.

With stunning super-cars like the Gallardo and Aventador in fray, it has to be seen how the Urus SUV will fit into the Lamborghini line-up. Glance through the leaked images and it is clear that the Urus has tried to incorporate the trademark muscular styling elements that Lambos are famous for, albeit in a taller and wider stance. The sharp-cut headlamps, massive 22-inch wheels, steeply raked glasshouse in the profile and quad exhaust pipes give the Urus an imposing presence. The Volkswagen Touareg that currently underpins the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 is expected to form the base for Urus too. With the investment and development costs being shared by so many models under different brands, parent Volkswagen would enjoy huge economies of scale resulting in a massive cost benefit, thus making a perfect business proposition.

Talk about changing times and the Lamborghini Urus would make a classic example.