Lamborghini Aventador Mumbai

The Italian supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini has opened its first showroom in Mumbai. The Mumbai showroom in Lamborghini has come up at Prabhadevi and Autohangar has been appointed as its dealer. Till date, Autohangar is the largest dealer of Mercedes Benz in Mumbai. The showroom comes up in the city after Lamborghini’s increased interest to increase its reach among the Indian car buyers. The past year saw the market potential and the company realised being in one centre alone will not be enough.

Till date, Lamborghini was being sold in the Indian market through Exclusive Motors based in Delhi which will continue to look after the sales of the North Indian market while Autohangar will take care of the Western regions. Stephan Winkelmann, President and Chief Executive of Lamborghini had announced that the company aims to sell around 50 cars by 2015. The company also plans to open a dealership in South very soon and would likely come up at any of the three locations; Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad.

However, Lamborghini is currently conducting a demand study of these markets after which they will be deciding on the location. Lamborghini is also planning to set up its own National Sales Company (NSC) in India. Apart from Lamborghini, Porsche will also be opening its own NSC in India under the Volkswagen umbrella.

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