Fiat 550 Italia

Lazzarini, a relatively unknown carmaker from Italy, is now seeking an investment of around USD 5,50,000 (Rs. 3.15 crore) to fund the production and development of a whole new Fiat 500, one that will borrow the Ferrari 458 Italia’s running gear. The car is rumored as to be named Fiat 550 Italia (combination of its price and of course both the brands). The engine is slightly de-tuned from 570HP to 550HP. The Fiat 500 will also be fitted with a modified limited slip differential, transmission and suspension parts of the 458 while the Maranello sourced V8 will be seated at the rear end. The fuel tank of the 500 will also be re-positioned to the front, if the company design is to be believed (not very sure about that, are we?)

Lazzarini would also be expanding the car in terms of wheel base where the original Fiat’s would be extended by 300mm and also the wide body kit would add 200mm at the front end as well. To seek absolute body balance, Lazzarini says that it would add two ballasts in the front and in the middle of the chassis for an approximate total weight of just 1000 kgs, giving the 550 Italia a tremendous power to weight ratio.However its still unknown if such a kind of car would be in demand and whether Lazzarini would be able to find buyers for this insane monster.

Clearly such kind of power in a car that weighs just a ton is not going to be easy to put down. Further more, the Fiat 550 Italia might be very quick in the straights but won’t be able to handle corners with enough authority. As an engineering exercise, Lazzarini’s idea seems workable but from the driving point of view, such a car is best as a machine for the drag strip.

Fiat 550 Italia Lazzarini

– Rohit Nair