Xylo MIni Diesel Spied

The Mahindra mini-Xylo compact MPV might soon receive an award, for being the most tested vehicle in India ever. The Indian utility maker continues to test the mini-Xylo tirelessly on the Mumbai-Pune expressway and there have been little to no changes to the exteriors. Clearly Mahindra is testing the mechanicals of the compact version of the Xylo, which will be launched in August 2012. The mini-Xylo might get an all new name and Mahindra might not use the Xylo name on the mini-Xylo.

When Mahindra launches the mini-Xylo, it will almost certainly give it updated exteriors which recently featured on the Xylo facelift. The vehicle is under 4-meters in length, which will give Mahindra a significant cost advantage. Prices are expected to start around Rs. 5 lakhs for the base petrol variant, while the top end-diesel will be priced around Rs. 7 lakhs. Thus Mahindra will position the mini-Xylo below the Renault Duster, with the diesel Xylo compact MPV getting power from a 1.5-litre motor producing around 80 BHP and 200 Nm.

Mahindra has shared maximum parts with the Xylo to ensure that cost reduction can be drastic on the mini-Xylo. The interiors are a straight lift from the Xylo. What Mahindra is trying to do, is position the mini-Xylo against hatchbacks, thereby offering some advantages of a MPV to the buyer. Thanks to the taller height, the mini-Xylo has a more commanding driving position and easy ingress. The boot space will be the best in class and will be of the key selling point of the mini-Xylo.

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