LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE Price
The design looks inspired from the Sportster S

LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE gets a price tag of Rs. 13.67 lakhs, produces 80 HP with claimed range of 100 km

After scoops and teasers running for months, Harley-Davidson’s sub-brand LiveWire has launched the much-awaited S2 Del Mar LE electric bike for a price tag of Rs. 13.67 lakhs (USD 17,699).

Being a limited edition model (read LE), the production will be curtailed to 100 units and reserved only for the US market now. It becomes the second electric bike from the American manufacturer placed under the premium One electric bike already on sale.

LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE Price Front
Two colours – Jasper Gray and Comet Indigo are on offer

Designed taking inspiration from Harley-Davidson’s Sportster S, the S2 Del Mar LE looks smaller in dimension than almost the entire lineup of the brand. Available in 2 colours – Jasper Gray and Comet Indigo, the electric bike features minimalistic body panels and LED lighting throughout.

The front gets USD forks while the rear looks simplistic sporting a Ducati Diavel-like tyre hugger with number plate, and a short fender. The electric motorcycle also gets conventional chain drive. The spoke like alloy wheels look fresh with disc brakes at both ends.

LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE Price Side View
The Del Mar has a claimed range of 100 km

The battery pack, which is essentially the chassis, also houses the controller unit. The swing arm is an asymmetrical unit to aid in strength and also to house the large rear sprocket in such a compact dimension.

Built on the brand’s new modular Arrow EV architecture, like the One, the S2 Del Mar LE’s motor and battery pack are a part of the chassis. The rear monoshock is bolted directly on to the battery pack while the swing arm and front fork axles are also connected on to it.

LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE Price Ride
The electric could accelerate from 0-100 km/hr in 3.5 seconds

This setup not only makes the overall bike compact but also aids in heavy weight reduction. The Del Mar tips the scale at 197 kg.

Although LiveWire didn’t reveal the motor specifications, it claimed that the bike will produce more than 80 HP with a 0-100 km/hr time of just 3.5 seconds. The claimed range, however, is a tad low 100 km. The Del Mar supports Level 1 and 2 charging.

LiveWire is planning to bring in more such electric bikes in the near future under the ‘S’ tag and they might be India-bound too.

LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE Price Rear
The rear gets Ducati Diavel like tyre hugger

Just over a few months back, Harley-Davidson took off the ‘LiveWire’ name from its lone electric street naked, LiveWire One, and named its newly created electric-only sub-brand with the same. So, LiveWire is now a separate entity under Harley-Davidson.

LiveWire’s One, when launched, had a price tag of about Rs. 23 lakhs. Now it holds a price tag of Rs. 17 lakhs.