LML Star 200i

No one knew that LML would come back but the company has successfully drafted a recovery path. After the LML Select 4-stroke geared scooter, little did we know that a 200cc geared scooter with retro styling would make way its way to LML showrooms. The Kanpur based motorcycle manufacturer will launch the Star 200, which will be powered by a 200 cc engine. This will make the LML Star 200 the most powerful geared scooter in India. LML also sells the Star 200 4T in the export markets and we can expect that to hit our shores by September, 2011. The LML Star 200 will be priced at Rs. 55,000/- and will produce 11.5 bhp of power and 14.5 Nm of torque.

LML Star 200 4T

Now a scooter at a price of a 125cc machine seems difficult to fathom in this youth dominated buyer era. But LML is not looking at the numbers and is positioning the Star 200 as a lifestyle product. This is mainly being done to build back the LML brand, which was quite famous before India opened its gates to foreign players, way back in 1991. The 4-speed gearbox in the LML Star 200 will ensure good performance but will the LML brand stay put infront of the iconic Vespa? Only time will tell but a Star 200 vs Vespa LX125 fight is just what the Indian scooter market needs. Will you buy any of these retro scooters? Or will you stick to riding motorcycles.

Green LML Star 200i

LML Star