Tata Xenon LHD

The Tata Xenon XT is one vehicle, which does not catch the fancy of us Indians. Why? Because we in India are not such big fans of pick-up trucks. However in other places across the world, the pick-up truck cult is as popular as Wada Pav in Mumbai. So, isn’t it obvious that Tata Motors will try to make the best use of it by exporting the Xenon to markets where people actually would love to buy one. Yes, the company does export the Xenon to South Africa and various Asian and Suraj S. Desai spotted a left hand drive version of the SUT undergoing tests.

Xenon For Exports

Mr. Suraj spotted the left hand drive Tata Xenon on the Nagar-Pune road and speculates that it could on the way to VRDE for some routine tests. Naturally Tata Motors will use its own turf to test its vehicles, because of two simple reasons. One, they have their plant setup here and secondly, the Indian conditions are very harsh on vehicles, making it an excellent testing ground for reliability. But why is Tata Motors testing the Xenon, when they are already exporting it.

Xenon LHD Exports

The Xenon could be on its way for a mid-life facelift and the company might be upgrading it slightly to keep it all fresh. The Xenon uses the same engine as the Safari, the 2.2 liter DICOR with variable geometry turbo, producing 140PS of power and 320 Nm of torque. With the 4-wheel drive system and a huge load carrying capacity, the Xenon is one vehicle which could haul your house, if you so please.

Tata Xenon Exports