Mahindra e-Supro launched, becomes India’s first electric MPV that comes with an 8-seater layout.

2016 Mahindra Supro Electric Front
In terms of styling the e-Supro looks exactly the same

Mahindra e-Supro launched, priced from Rs. 8.45 lakhs for the cargo van and Rs. 8.75 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the passenger variant. The Indian automaker is on a spree of introducing their electric vehicles of late. Their first entry to the electric vehicle segment was done by the Mahindra e2o, followed by the e-Verito in June 2016 and now the e-Supro. They will also be launching the 4-door e2o very soon.

The Mahindra e-Supro is based on its diesel counterpart with minimal changes on the styling front. It comes with a few chrome embellishments and EV badges to differentiate between the regular model. The utilitarian electric MPV comes with a boxy design having the typical Mahindra grille up front and familiar tail section with Magic inspired tail lights.

On the inside, the Mahindra e-Supro comes with a simple and basic dashboard having a 2-spoke steering wheel. The instrument cluster has been updated to display electric powertrain related information like battery status. It is available in 8-seater layout. There is not gear-lever in the centre console that has been replaced with a rotary knob for electric motor controls.

Powering the Mahindra e-Supro is a 3-ph, AC induction motor that produces 25 kW at 3000 RPM and 90 Nm of torque at 1500 RPM. This is a similar powertrain as seen on the e2o but tuned to produce more power. It has a top speed of 60 km/hr and a driving range of 115 km for the cargo van and 112 km for the passenger van. It comes with a boost mode and regenerative braking system.

Mahindra claims 8 hrs 30 mins charging time for the batteries. There is a Revive mode for emergency situations when you run out of battery that offers 7 km extra range. There is a single-speed transmission that also comes with the e2o. The Supro is equipped with front disc and rear drum brakes. The electric Supro was first showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo.

Mahindra e-Supro

– Mahindra has launched the electric Supro, priced from Rs. 8.45 lakhs
– There are minimal styling changes compared to the regular version
– 3-ph, AC induction motor produces 25 kW at 3000 RPM and 90 Nm of torque at 1500 RPM
– 60 km/hr top speed with 115 km range and charging time of 8 hours 30 minutes

2016 Mahindra Supro Electric Side
The electric MPV by Mahindra was first showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo
Mahindra e-Supro
The e-Supro van is offered in both cargo and passenger variants
Mahindra e-Supro Cargo
The Mahindra e-Supro has a max range of 115 km and 60 km/hr top speed