Mahindra showcased the e2o Sport at the 2016 Auto Expo which gets much needed improved performance, making it a fast yet green electric vehicle.

2016 Mahindra e2o Sport Front
The Mahindra e2o Sport will improve the image of this electric car

The Mahindra e2o Sport is the performance version of the e2o electric hatchback which was launched in 2013. This version looks much sportier than the original e2o. It features a sporty carbon fibre body kit including a front bumper lip, side skirts and a rear spoiler which is mounted on the roof. Mahindra has added black accents to the components including 12-spoke alloy wheels, door handles, side view mirrors and also the roof.

There are no major changes to the interiors of the car, except this 2-door performance version is fitted with racing bucket seats with six-point harnesses and a MOMO racing steering wheel which makes this vehicle more agile and responsive.

Apart from the looks, there are major changes to the technicalities of the Mahindra e2o Sport as well. The electric motor on this car produces 105 kW of power and 180 Nm of torque, right through the rev range, i.e. from 0 RPM. This enables the e2o Sport to reach speeds of 60 km/hr in just 4 seconds and 100 km/hr in just 8 seconds. The 384V steel shell lithium-ion battery is capable enough to run the car for 200 kms on a single charge and the vehicle is capable of achieving a top speed of 120 km/hr.

This 2-door electric hatch rides on 205/40/ZR17 wheels with low profile stickier tyres and has a ground clearance of 120 mm. The kerb weight of the e2o Sport is around 1189.5 kgs, mainly because of the lighter battery. Disc brakes with red callipers perform brake duties on this car. The car also features wireless charging facility incorporated with the help of General Electric.

Currently, Mahindra has showcased the e2o Sport as a display unit only. This car is a big step towards the development of green cars which offer great performance and Mahindra has displayed its abilities to lead this development in India.

Mahindra e2o Sport

– Based on the e2o electric hatchback
– Gets a carbon fibre body kit
– Goes from 0-100 km/hr in just 8 seconds

2016 Mahindra e2o Sport Side
0-100 km/hr comes up in 8 seconds for the Mahindra e2o Sport
2016 Mahindra e2o Sport Headlight
Projector headlights look cool on this EV
2016 Mahindra e2o Sport Wheel
Black wheels look sporty and fill the wheel arches well
2016 Mahindra e2o Sport Rear
There is no word on the production of this car