Mahindra Electric SUV concept interior belongs to the sci-fi world

Mahindra to reveal three electric SUV concepts in July 2022, one of the concept’s interior teased. The Indian UV maker has teased the dashboard of the EV which looks quite futuristic in this concept form.

There is a huge digital display inspired from the XUV700 that covers 75 percent of the dashboard. It has a sporty looking steering wheel with a flat bottom and top. There is a cool red ambient light bar running around the driver. The centre console panel is huge, separating the driver and passenger side with a bar.

Mahindra Electric SUV Interior Concept
The interior looks very futuristic in its concept stage

Notice a rotary knob and a sleek automatic gear lever in the middle. There is a huge panoramic sunroof too which stretches quite far ahead.

These concepts are designed by Mahindra Advanced Design Europe team under the ‘Born Electric Vision’ programme. The new design direction showcased with the concepts will be followed by all the upcoming Mahindra products.

These BEVs will be based on a new bespoke electric platform. More details will be revealed closer to the global unveiling in July 2022. We believe it’ll take Mahindra another year at least to come up with the production version of these EVs.

Mahindra Born Electric Vision
The new design language will get these signature lights