Mahindra plans to launch a 125cc scooter based on the Gusto which will help it boost sales in the competitive 125cc scooter space, currently dominated by Suzuki and Honda.

Mahindra Gusto Launch
The Mahindra Gusto is the company’s first 110cc scooter

Mahindra who recently launched their 110cc scooter Gusto, now plans on launching another 125cc scooter which will be based on the Gusto. Mahindra has already started to work on this premium 125cc scooter. The scooter will be based on the Gusto, but will have completely redesigned body panels. The upcoming 125cc model will also sport all unique features from the Gusto such as flip-key, seat height adjustment, follow-me lamps and front kick-starter. Mahindra wants to revamp their scooter line-up since the launch of the Rodeo, Duro, Flyte and Kine as they haven’t sold in large numbers when compared to its rivals who have literally dominated the Indian scooter market.

The Mahindra Gusto is the company’s first attempt at the competitive 110cc scooter market in the country. The Mahindra Gusto is an all-new scooter which is powered by a 110cc motor which the company named M-TEC and it’s completely made out of aluminium. The single-cylinder, air-cooled motor in the Gusto produces 8 PS of peak power and 8.5 Nm of maximum torque. Power is transmitted to the rear-wheel through a CVT transmission. We can expect the new upcoming 125cc engine to be very similar to that of the Gusto, but with a bigger block and added power. This all new 125cc unit will be made in-house at Mahindra’s facility. Mahindra has priced the Gusto at Rs. 43,000/- for the DX variant and Rs. 47,000/- for the VX variant (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Considering that the 125cc scooter segment is heating up in the Indian market with the likes of Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access and Swish 125, it’s time Mahindra also enters the segment with a premium offering unlike its other scooters which failed to shine as they just couldn’t take on their Japanese rivals. Mahindra did not see much sales climbing with their Rodeo and Duro as both the scooters had claustrophobic looks and an engine which wasn’t really fun to ride. Mahindra would really want to make a strong impact this time with their premium 125cc offering. Something that can set their sales chart climbing and also something for the competition to look out for. It’s time for Mahindra to finally ‘Rise’ as their tagline says.

Honda Activa vs Mahindra Gusto
The Mahindra Gusto competes with the Honda Activa, India’s top-selling scooter