DC is now offering some modification options for the Mahindra Marazzo.

Mahindra Marazzo DC Design Interior
The Marazzo modified by DC gets exquisite interiors

Mahindra launched its Marazzo back in 2018 and it did stand apart from the competition. A bone stock Mahindra Marazzo packs in enough amenities and still fits the bill. Now one should probably be familiar with DC Design. DC Design specialises in strapping off the interior, be it any car and give it a complete makeover, so much so that the car may look all factory set from the exterior but will be an absolute stonker from the inside.

DC Design did what they are best at to the Mahindra Marazzo. What was a stock Marazzo previously now has list of aftermarket upgrades to the interior. The Marazzo by DC speaks fine craftsmanship, technology with luxury and comfort at it’s peak.

The front fascia has highlights of fine wood trim and leather-cum-wood finished steering wheel with a redesigned dashboard. The seats recline up to 160-degree and the legroom has been extended by 45-inches. Middle row passenger seats get calf support and a foldable leg rest for added comfort. The seat position can be altered with just a flick of switch, you can choose from regular seating position to complete reclining position.

The Mahindra Marazzo by DC doesn’t take any chances of missing out on the controls either. The second row captain seats are separated by a panel underpinning a whole control set-up for the ambient lighting, music, seat reclining, AC control, added couple of 12V charging sockets. Moreover there’s a 10-inch smart tablet attached to the backrest of the co-driver and the driver seat featuring Android TV and an iPad housing.

With all the alterations done to the first two rows, there’s bare minimum distortion to the comfort of the third row. The Mahindra Marazzo by DC still packs in the same 1.5-litre diesel motor mated to a 6-speed manual putting out 121 PS of power and 300 Nm of torque. The sticker price of the modifications isn’t announced but it is likely to be anywhere between Rs. 10-15 lakhs over the cost of the vehicle.

Mahindra Marazzo Interior Modified

– The DC Mahindra Marazzo DC has a completely redesigned interior
– Recliner seats, calf rests, 10-inch smart tablet, etc.
– Mechanical configuration remains the same

Mahindra Marazzo DC Interior
The aim of this modification is to offer some next-level luxury